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I believe in good food.  I also believe that beauty is everywhere and has a place in everything.

I am Abigail Robson, and I am a cake artist: I am the owner and maker behind Cakes by Abby, a Maryland Cottage Food Business in Chestertown.

I create custom cakes for all occasions, from a small gathering of friends over a delicious meal, to the most special day of your wedding.  I work with buttercream to create visually stunning works of edible art. 

A Cake by Abby is sure to delight the eyes and the palate.  I pride myself on the care and attention to detail of each cake I make, and it will be sure to be the perfect final showpiece to any gathering you choose.

My aesthetic is elegant abstract: I can create traditionally beautiful cakes, but I shine in more artistic and creative designs.  Colors and textures are my playgrounds, and flowers and structures add to the fun!

I have a wide and ever-expanding repertoire of decoration techniques.  Let me create a beautiful cake for you.

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